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The new way of working 🙌

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Solve problems in real-time, and share your sightings with a remote Web Expert using the HoloLens 2. Get the help you need, all while staying hands-free!

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Bring critical information into view, and avoid unnecessary costs, travel,  and delays through remote collaboration that combines chat, video, audio, screenshots, images, annotations, and drawing.

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Hololens 2 and computer

Connect to a Web Expert in real-time through a Hololens 2.


Web Experts can share their desktop view or camera.

computer screen sharing

HoloLens 2 users can share their real-time view.

speech bubble

Web Experts can chat in real-time with HoloLens 2 users.

hand drawing a line

Web Experts can take real-time captures of the HoloLens 2 view, and add annotations & drawings.

looking at an image

Web Experts can share local images, along with annotations & drawings.

video ui

Both Web Experts and HoloLens 2 users can toggle on & off the audio or video stream.


HoloLens 2 users can move the Web Expert view chat freely in their environment.

Hololens 2

Multiple HoloLens 2 users can be connected to one, or many Web Experts.

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